Managing large on premise IT estates often means having to manage an array of external suppliers covering a range of different equipment. Which can become a challenging, time-consuming and complex process. Which only becomes more complicated when you actually need to ask them for support when something needs fixing or an issue needs resolving.  

At OCSL we make your IT Support simpler and less time-consuming. So your IT team can get on with supporting your business. Our support does not stop with the product but covers your whole IT environment. And it’s built on 25 years of experience and know-how.

A better answer

We’ll manage your multi-vendor support relationships and SLAs under one contract. We’ll cut the time you spend reviewing and assessing current vendor relationships and support agreements. We’ll do that for you so you don’t have to. Swapping many hours spent with a number of different people for a single review of your managed contract with us.

Our contract management expertise means we run all your IT support under a single contract. To manage all your multiple vendors and their associated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) under one renewal date and one point of contact. Supporting your core business systems in your on premise environment.  

You choose how long your contract should last – 1, 3 or 5 years. We ensure the contract flexes with your IT estate and business needs.

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At a glance: support services

  • Audit – to review existing IT estate, support environment and business requirements.
  • Assessment & insights – expert consultancy to recommend right solution for business in short and long term.
  • Contract management – single contract, single renewal date, one point of contact for all issues.
  • Heritage – over 20 years’ experience providing support services via dedicated account management team.
  • Worldwide delivery – experts in delivering support management globally.
  • 24/7 support – via phone or email depending on your needs.