On Premise Support - Constantly changing business demands and IT innovations place daily pressure on what on premise IT needs to deliver. Whether your business needs to reduce costs, increase efficiency or support business growth your IT estate has to be able to meet these challenges.

The answer might be to consolidate or upgrade your heritage systems. Or maybe you need to start, or have already begun, moving some elements to the cloud. Either way you need to be confident that you have a strong foundation in place to enable your business to embrace cloud or become a fully digital business.

We consider all your on premise infrastructure together: servers, storage, software, networks and support. Over 25 years, we’ve been seeing the full landscape to ask searching questions. And with fresh perspectives, you get better answers, so you can maximise your IT performance, efficiency, agility and investment.

A better answer

Whether you’re consolidating, upgrading or preparing for a fully digital business, we’ll pinpoint what’s needed. As well as implement and manage it, depending on your business needs. The solution could be ready-made from our leading vendor partners or customised specifically for you. And where it’s to your advantage, your answer will embrace the latest innovations, from containers to composable and hyper-converged technologies. We’ll wrap up what’s best for a seamless, single solution.

We deliver support in the same way too, across your business. One number covers it all. Working with you, our consultancy team will define the right level of support for you. 

And knowing your business thoroughly, we continually look to the future and stay ahead of developments, so you keep on top of your on premise IT.

With projects running in Zambia, Panama and Peru, we needed a faster, higher performance network.  The Cisco network & Cisco Voice solution, has transformed staff productivity around the world.

Global Minerals & Metals


Multi-billion pound nickel & copper mining company

At a glance: Areas of expertise

  • Sourcing, implementing, managing and supporting on premise hardware, software and networks. 
  • Consolidating and refreshing IT: improving efficiency, increasing performance and reducing costs.
  • Migrating and managing risk for a smooth upgrade or refresh.
  • Advising on the latest technologies and developments, where the time and requirements are right. 
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity for peace of mind. 
  • Delivering outstanding outcomes.