Hyper-converged infrastructure - There are many challenges to running your IT estate on premise. From ensuring performance, capacity and continuity of service, to delivering value for money and controlling resources. The options for addressing these challenges are many and varied.

Hyper-converged infrastructure is one of the more recent options. Offering reliability, flexibility and agility whilst delivering savings in space, resources and running costs. It allows you to flex to what you need, when you need it. Without having to pay for more capacity than you will use, which can be one of the limitations of a more traditional converged system infrastructure.

It also provides a good foundation for any future move to the cloud should this be, or become, part of your future strategy.

A better answer

With over 25 years’ experience in delivering on premise solutions, we’re experts in asking the searching questions to identify the best solution for your business. We’ll take the best the vendors have to offer and tailor it to your exact needs and requirements. Bridging the gap when off-the-shelf appliances or solutions won’t deliver what’s right.

We use the same building blocks but ensure they fit your business. Giving you a single solution that delivers exactly what you require. From tailored storage-centric appliances to balancing storage and compute capacity.

Our experts will help get your hyper-converged strategy up and running including standard integration, advanced integration, migration services, ongoing support and maintenance.

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At a glance: areas of expertise

  • Standard integration
  • Advanced integration
  • Migration services
  • Ongoing support & maintenance