Cylance Advanced Threat Protection. Just as you tackle the latest malware, a new threat emerges. But Cylance's endpoint security approaches Threat Protection differently. Unlike other security technology, it’s predictive, not reactive. Powerful Artificial Intelligence and machine learning analyses a file’s characteristics and predicts whether it's safe or a threat. Before it even hits a local host.  

Gartner has named Cylance as the fastest-growing endpoint security company of the past decade. And it's been identified as a major market disruptor in a recent Forrester Wave Report: Cylance Disrupts Market with AI-Driven Endpoint Protection. It's award-winning CylancePROTECT product suite is being quickly adopted by organisations across all sectors who need a more intelligent approach to threat protection.

Proactively detect malware

Working closely with our partners at Cylance, our experts will help identify the best Cylance Advanced Threat Protection product or service for your organisation.  Not only can we help you tackle emerging malware, we can help eliminate the need for traditional antivirus software, anti-exploit products, whitelisting solutions and host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems.  

With our help and Cylance technology we can help vastly reduce the amount of manual work required to analyse threats. And because it takes away much of the manual effort, in many cases, Cylance can reduce annual costs for security and anti-virus protection overall.

This security allows us to focus our efforts on the business. The OCSL solution has given us flexibility and control. That is a powerful combination.

Dr Richard Dobson

Bioinformatics Lecturer

King's College London

At a glance

Cylance Advanced Threat Protection

  • Next-generation endpoint threat prevention
  • Complete protection from:
     - system- and memory-based attacks
     - spear phishing
     - zero-day malware
     - privilege escalations
     - scripts & malicious programs

Specialised consulting services for:

  • threat modelling
  • industrial control systems
  • medical devices
  • point of sale & other embedded systems.