IT Containerisation - Containers are one of the biggest buzz words in the IT industry at the moment. Led by organisations such as Docker. They’re changing the way your IT operates in the same way virtualisation technology did previously.

Containers allow you to reliably move software from one environment to another. Enabling your DevOps team to safely move from testing to the live environment. Or giving you confidence when moving applications from an on premise machine into the cloud.

Implemented correctly, containers give you true flexibility and portability. They’re agile and can be brought to life in a quick timeframe. Providing elasticity usually associated with the cloud.

A better answer

At OCSL we’ve been working with containers from the very early days. Our experience stretches from early involvement with DevOps processes and teams to more recent work delivering mainstream services. We’ll help to re-architect your applications to support a new container architecture.

We’re experts in mapping your requirements to the right technology. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of working with the different independent software vendors (ISV’s) to ensure your container architecture is fully supported.

Working together, we’ll identify the quick wins and opportunities to accelerate your adoption. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience across Linux, Windows and cloud services. So you can be confident you’ll get the best solution from container technologies

This security allows us to focus our efforts on the business. The OCSL solution has given us flexibility and control. That is a powerful combination.

Dr Richard Dobson

Bioinformatics Lecturer

King's College London

At a glance

  • Office 365 Containers: offering a vast array of services and skills in this area. Including:
  • Linux and OpenSource Containers
  • Windows Server 2-16 Containers and Nano Server
  • Azure Docker Services
  • Docker, Chef and Puppet management solutions