Systems Server Monitoring - We’ve never found two systems to be exactly the same.  That’s why we never take an “out of the box” approach. We ensure exactly the right monitoring is in place for each system. This helps detect potential issues and keep systems and devices running smoothly.

We take the time to understand your entire IT landscape to proactively prevent incidents. But we don’t stop at technology. We bring best practice to life. Once an issue has been identified we identify the quickest way to resolve it. We’ll also make sure processes are in place to prevent it happening again. With online real time dashboard reporting and alerts, you’re never in the dark.  And in the event of a critical alert, we help identify who needs to resolve it and why it happened in the first place.

Driving up productivity and innovation

Centrally hosted, our monitoring works for you round the clock.  Our trend and root cause analysis helps identify what could be tweaked to make systems, faster, secure and more resilient. And because our monitoring runs across platforms, we can help detect early warns of potential issues affecting your wider network. With this much deeper insight, we continually look for innovations to keep you one step ahead.

What impressed us about OCSL was their ability to design and migrate the new ACI. No other supplier could offer both.

Water Utilities


Leading UK Utilities Organisation

Technical details


  • Most network devices or servers


Reporting & Alerts

  • 24x7x365 alerts with escalation
  • Real time performance
  • Bespoke HTML 5 Dashboard
  • Trending & Root Cause Analysis
  • SLA reporting