PaaS - Platform as a Service needs to deliver on its promise. Easier collaboration for faster, better projects. At OCSL, we dig deep to understand your unique project and development goals. Together, we'll build a platform that helps push your digital potential to its limits.

For us, PaaS has no blueprint. We start each PaaS challenge with fresh minds. We delve deep. We ask questions. We help you make the right choices. What needs customising? What do you need to think about in the future? How do you avoid long-term lock-ins? Our experts will help you tackle all the tough to answer questions.

Driving up project collaboration

OCSL’s PaaS Enablement Framework brings everything together.  It brings clarity and consistency. With our help, you get the control over the tools you need to free up choice and flexibility.  You also get an incredibly robust enterprise-class platform with no single point of failure. Our systems will always keep running with no loss of service.  And our security and compliance is exceptional.  We help you deliver platforms that drive up collaboration and agility.   

82% of enterprises have a multi cloud strategy


State of the Cloud Report 2016


Technical details

Availability & Scalability

  • 99.95% uptime
  • Enterprise class platform (no single point of failure
  • Virtually unlimited server instances


  • Window or Linux Server OS
  • Customisable


  • Tiered incident resolution options


  • Monthly billing


  • SLA monthly reporting


  • Business continuity & disaster recovery
  • Management & monitoring to OS level