HSCN Supplier. OCSL is transitioning from being an N3 aggregator to a HSCN (Health & Social Care Network) Supplier. This means we will gain full Consumer Network Service Provider (CN-SP) status from NHS Digital. During the transition from N3 to HSCN our approved status will help data & systems remain secure and available. And with OCSL’s ‘big picture’ view, we’ll help optimise budgets and maximise performance, without compromising security.  We’ll make sure choices are aligned to clear goals. And legacy applications and services are fully optimised for Cloud.

HSCN Supplier Compliance

We are one of only a few suppliers who have achieved N3 Aggregator compliance, and soon HSCN compliance. Our HSCN pricing has been given the official seal of approval too.  And because it's so clear and easy to understand, it's easy to see how we compare to others. Many health and social care clients choose us because our security is second to none. We carry the highest accreditations from technology and software leaders.  Our own data centres hold Government OFFICIAL Status and UK Data sovereignty is guaranteed.  Cloud Route, OCSL’s own high performance connection to the Public Cloud, offers a further level of reassurance.  This helps healthcare clients take advantage of Public Cloud, but with increased security, performance and resilience. 

Are you ready for the new HSCN connectivity and network?

Contract arrangements for N3 have now ceased. You’ll no longer be able to extend or buy new N3 services. We can supply more than a secure connection. OCSL can help you plan your migration to HSCN as part of your broader digital transformation. If you'd like to discuss any aspect of HSCN, please get in touch.

Partnerships aren’t just about signing on the dotted line now, they are about ‘living it forever’. We can’t afford to partner with people who can’t deliver, because our reputation and people's lives are on the line.

Philippa Graves


Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

At a glance


  • N3/HSCN supplier
  • NHS server hosting
  • NHS cloud hosting

Data centres

  • Government OFFICIAL Supplier
  • N3/HSCN Supplier
  • G-Cloud Supplier
  • Cyber Essentials + IASME
  • ISO 27001, 20000, 27018, 9001 & 22301 certified by a UKAS accredited auditor


  • 99.95%
  • Availability up to virtual machine level of 99.99%