Colocation - An unstable platform can be one of the biggest risks to business. Colocation of equipment in OCSL’s state-of-the art facilities, quickly helps outages go down and performance go up. With increased stability and a fresh perspective, we open the door to innovation.

After moving to OCSL’s colocation facilities many clients see rapid improvements. Less fire-fighting and more time to focus on the future.  We look beyond the constraints of existing technology and see past short-term, standardised offerings. We pinpoint goals. Goals with clear outcomes.  During migration our processes are robust. Risks are identified and addressed. Systems and applications are kept running without a hitch.

Always-on availability

Our facilities are built to N+1 specification. So, we offer the highest levels of resilience available. Our systems always keep running with no loss of service. Our security and compliance is exceptional.  We carry the highest accreditations from technology and software leaders, and we consistently over deliver on SLAs. We appreciate that flexibility is key. That’s why as demand grows on your infrastructure, we work with you to add additional capability.

You need to get the right partners and get the cloud to extend out to suppliers and clients so they can become part of your ecosystem.

Leading Law Firm


Leading Law Firm

Technical details

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Secure client access
  • Comprehensive security
  • Latest power & cooling technology
  • Fire detection & suppression
  • Per ‘U’ & Per rack colocation
  • Built to N+1 standard
  • Connectivity to multiple carriers
  • Government OFFICIAL Supplier
  • N3/HSCN Supplier
  • G-Cloud Supplier
  • Cyber Essentials + IASME
  • ISO 27001, 20000, 27018, 9001 & 22301 certified by a UKAS accredited auditor