BaaS - Backup as a Service - When disruption happens, it’s vital to know your business is fully supported and day-to-day operations can continue as normal.  Our approach to Backup is different.  We offer a complete service, not just a product.  We take time to fully understand all your systems, data and applications.  Where are they? And just how sensitive is your data?  

Our experts will help you identify the right level of Backup for your organisation.  More than that, we’ll provide best practice implementation models.  We identify any gaps, then suggest the right checks and balances to keep Backup running smoothly every day of the year. Using powerful tools such as OCSL’s Cloud Control Service we provide a way to Backup and restore to a file and application level within just a few minutes. 

Restore a virtual machine in minutes

With OCSL you, get exactly the right Backup level for your business. Should Backup run on site? Do you need multiple copies? Or perhaps for ultimate security you need a backup to tape.  With a right-size backup we keep all systems running whilst maximising investment. We make sure you only pay for what you use, helping you drive up efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Our partnership with OCSL has allowed us to extend our relationships with our customers when they have international requirements. OCSL has delivered flawlessly

Information Systems & Technology

Business Development Manager

IT Services & Software Giant in the USA

Technical details

  • Full encryption: Disk to disk backups for VMware & Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Online Support: Keep Active Directory, SQL and Exchange running 24/7
  • Easy integration: Integrate with leading-edge storage platforms
  • Automated Reporting: Daily/monthly success /fail reports

High reliability

  • 99.95% system availability
  • Recovery Point Objective < 1 day
  • Recovery Time Objective < 1 day