Workforce Assessment - The demands of our workforces are constantly changing. They need to access everything, from anywhere, on any device and at all times. Increased productivity, speed, flexibility, accessibility and mobility are just a few key benefits of cloud computing for your workforce. But even with a small workforce this can be challenging.

How do you deliver and support workforce productivity? You need to fully capture and understand your current application usage, end user devices, workspaces and mobile working requirements.

Our Workforce Assessment Service can help. We’ll provide insight on how to improve your user workspaces and provide a greater level of mobility. Whilst maximising budgets and minimising disruption. A well-defined, well-optimised, flexible and mobile workspace strategy will enable you to successfully move to a Software-as-a-Service model.

A better answer

Our strategy will be based on substantial in-depth analysis and research. We’ll live and breathe your business so we can seek out new and better ways of doing things.

We’ll carry out on-site, in-person interviews and a technical examination. Using our assessment toolsets, we’ll analyse your usage and performance patterns. Giving you insight into the best strategies for mobile modes of access, remote access, security, compliance, user profiling, operating systems compatibility and legacy application modes.

Our different approach will give you a fresh perspective. We’ll help uncover better answers. So you can fully understand how a cloud-centric approach can transform your workspace. Enabling a more agile, productive workforce.

OCSL quite literally out-architected the competition. It was something new, something different, and we’re already seeing the benefits.


Project and Programme Manager

Leading UK Kitchen Manufacturer

At a glance: 10+ day assessment

  • Envisioning [1 day]: review objectives, identify customer focus areas, schedule on-site interviews.
  • Discovery [3 days]: conduct on-site interviews to gather goals, policies, technologies, and implement discovery tools across the end user estate.
  • Assessment [3 days]: analyse interview results and compare against modelling tools to determine end user performance and the best options available for delivering a flexible and mobile user experience. 
  • Reporting [3 days]: Write report and provide Executive Briefing summarising findings and roadmap.