Security Risk Assessment - Security is the number one concern when implementing cloud. In fact it’s pretty close to the top of any list of tech priorities. How do you safely migrate your IT environments to the cloud? As well as maintain data security and privacy, whilst staying compliant?

Moving workloads out of the safety of your own data centre is often a major concern of any digital transformation programme. Surprisingly security can be a key area that gets overlooked during this process.

Our Security Assessment Service has been developed to identify the best way to securely move your workloads to the cloud. Whilst retaining control of costs and protecting your most important data and systems. Our key focus is to ensure you can mitigate against the mostly likely and most dangerous threats.

We’ll take the pain away from managing the security aspect of your transformation. We’ll turn often complex security requirements into clearly defined actions and outcomes.

A better answer

Improve your overall security position by implementing a comprehensive, actionable roadmap. We’ll provide you with clear steps to meet your business and security needs. You’ll learn about the latest policies, practices and technologies from our industry experts.

We’ll carry out on-site, in-person interviews and a technical examination. This insight will be analysed against your internal governance and compliance requirements. Delivering you a consolidated view of your existing security programmes.

We’ll detail how your services are configured against threat vulnerabilities and review how your applications and data are protected. We’ll help you understand how to remain compliant with your security policies. You’ll gain insight from our risk assessment and impact statement. Giving you the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions for secure, compliant cloud adoption.

By 2017, 50% of total IT spending will be spent outside of the formal IT organization




At a glance: 10 day assessment

  • Envisioning [1 day]: review objectives, identify customer focus areas, schedule on-site interviews.
  • Discovery [3 days]: conduct on-site interviews to gather goals, policies, technologies, and practices across your security programmes.
  • Assessment [3 days]: analyse interview results and compare against Microsoft Cybersecurity Infrastructure Optimization Maturity Model. Prepare a roadmap based on criticality and impact of findings. 
  • Reporting [3 days]: Write report and provide Executive Briefing summarising findings and roadmap.