Network Assessment - The success of any digital transformation is underpinned by a solid and robust network. Your users and customers will find it unacceptable nowadays if they can’t access and consume resources and applications 24x7x365 days of the year. Networks need to change and evolve fast to deal with these demands. 

In our experience most network solutions are not ready for the future. And 9 times out of 10 the network is overlooked as part of a digital transformation journey. A comprehensive network review needs to be part of your broader strategic roadmap. Our fresh perspective will enable you to completely change the game when it comes to networking.

Our Network Assessment will identify a network solution that is not only fit for purpose in the short term but will deliver flexibility and agility for the future. Giving you confidence that you have a clear view of your existing network requirements and how it can be integrated into a single or multi-cloud approach. Allowing you to choose the right network solution for your business.

A better answer

Connect and transform into a multi-cloud world. Determine how your network will integrate into the various options available – including secure VPNs, direct and dedicated connections, and cloud platforms. And meet compliance and security requirements. 

Our on-site, in-person interviews and technical examination provide the perfect opportunity to ask lots of questions, to a wide-range of people. We collaborate, we challenge and we sometimes disrupt. But all in a positive, constructive way and to achieve the best answers.

You’ll get a clear view of the decisions you need to make. Their impact and implications. You’ll gain insight from a high-level design defining how cloud connectivity can be integrated and supported across your business with minimal disruption.

A partnership has been developing with OCSL acting as trusted advisors during our adoption of cloud technology. This critical work helps us safeguard children.

Ray Bilsby



At a glance: 7 day assessment

  • Envisioning [1 day]: review objectives, identify customer focus areas, schedule on-site interviews.
  • Discovery [2 days]: conduct on-site interviews to gather goals, policies, technologies, and to include security, wireless and network infrastructure and implement discovery tools.
  • Assessment [2 days]: analyse interview results and compare against modelling tools and create topology diagrams, health status reports and compliance baselines. Prepare a roadmap based on supportability for cloud platform choice.
  • Reporting [2 days]: Write report and provide Executive Briefing summarising findings and roadmap.