Microsoft Office 365 Assessment - Every business wants their workforce to be more productive and mobile. But many people find their home connectivity and access is better than that delivered by their work environment.

You need to meet these frustrations and restrictions head-on. We can help remove the constraints your technology can place on your workforce through an innovative, cloud-based solution. Business productivity applications are the lifeblood of every organisation, they are critical platforms.

Our Office 365 Assessment will analyse how your business uses these productivity applications. Our insight and expertise will ensure we deliver a plan that will transform and transition your business into a very different way of working.

A better answer

In collaboration, our clearly defined envisioning, planning and assessment phases will identify the right answers. We’ll analyse your existing server, desktop and network infrastructure. We’ll uncover any factors that could potentially limit or impact a successful implementation.

Defining clear goals and criteria is essential. Again we can help with that. Our robust proven approach will deliver a comprehensive plan for your Office 365 adoption. Covering objectives, your current estate and all known obstacles. Plus a vision of your future environment and a security compliance plan. Our technical action plan will detail key steps prior to starting your migration.

OCSL took this challenging migration project, with no real blueprint and made it a complete success.

Chris Hurden

Senior Network & Infrastructure Engineer

Oxford Instruments

At a glance: 5 day assessment

  • Envisioning [1 day]: a preliminary Office 365 Deployment Plan including business and technology in the cloud objectives, and an overall adoption priority schedule.
  • Planning & Assessment [4 days]: a detailed and customised Office 365 Deployment Plan describing your current environment and defining the desire future environment. A remediation checklist to detect and eliminate technical obstacles is also provided.