In this ever-changing world, identifying the right answers for your business can be a real challenge. How do you drive business innovation and minimise risk? How can you deliver digital transformation whilst keeping the lights on? How do you cut through the complex to a clear, deliverable roadmap or strategy? 

We have a robust approach to get to the right answers as quickly and effectively as possible. Our enablement framework outlines a clear engagement process. It starts with our envisioning and discovery stages where we understand your business and explore what is possible. Through to transition, transformation, support and beyond, into continual improvement and innovation.

Our framework is designed to be as flexible and agile as possible. Whilst it provides a robust, proven approach to how we work with you it gives you the choice of when you need our input. We can support throughout your project or at any stage.

Seeking out new, better ways to do things

  1. Envisioning: Exploring the art of the possible - covering market trends, understanding business goals and challenges, reviewing technology strategy.
  2. Discovery: Deeper dive into who you are - reviewing solution alignment, identifying proof of concepts (POCs) options, carrying out broad, relevant information gathering.
  3. Assess, Design & Plan: Getting ‘under the bonnet’ - gathering and assessing real-time intelligence, providing high level designs and proposals for next step programme of works.
  4. Build, Migrate & Transform: Making the vision a reality - providing services and products to develop, test and transform your business.
  5. Transition & Support: Maintaining and building for the future - transitioning solutions into support and providing ongoing lifecycle management services. 
  6. Innovation: Not ‘standing still’, embracing future possibilities - ensuring continual improvement and innovation.

If you don’t lead with digital innovation, then your competitors will, stealing clients and talents alike. Using OCSL’s Enablement Framework, I know we’ll leapfrog our competition.

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Operations Director

Moore Blatch

At a glance

  • Assessment services
  • Application assessment
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Data assessment
  • Network assessment
  • O365 assessment
  • Security assessment
  • Workforce assessment