Application Assessment - Many businesses want to gain the advantages of running applications in the Cloud. But as with so much relating to Cloud, how do you identify what to move, how and where to move it to. And how does this fit into your wider strategic roadmap for cloud adoption?

Working together, we help you to understand your existing application dependencies. Starting with building a clear picture of all your applications, both the knowns and the unknowns. We look at how they communicate. And if they are able to work in Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a Service cloud models.

Our consultants challenge the traditional way of approaching your typical line of business applications. We work with you to re-imagine and re-architect your applications. So they are fit for purpose in both the short and long term.

Our Application Assessment means you avoid the business risks, higher costs and failures of not fully understanding how your applications can deliver a better service to your business.

The right applications. The right cloud.

Ensure your applications are cloud-ready, utilising the latest technology and are aligned to the most cost effective platform. We’ll help you to achieve this. We’ll ask lots of questions and look at your current applications from different perspectives. Our market leading experts will work with you to successfully navigate the available choices for your application transformation.

We’ll produce a comprehensive view of your existing application workloads to determine their suitability for modern cloud computing models. From our detailed research and analysis you’ll gain insight into your application dependencies. We’ll provide heat map insights summarising the risks and complexities of your existing applications

The result will be a clear roadmap to deliver a smooth, successful transition. Moving the right applications to the right cloud environment.

38% of surveyed market have got approval for the use of public cloud


State of the cloud report 2016


At a glance: 5.5+ day assessment*

* Depends on the volume of applications to be assessed.

  • Envisioning [1 day]: review objectives, identify customer focus areas, schedule on-site interviews.
  • Discovery [½ day per app]: conduct on-site interviews to gather goals, policies, technologies, and implement discovery tools.
  • Assessment [2 days]: analyse interview results and compare against modelling tools to determine Cloud suitability. Prepare roadmap based on supportability for platform choice.
  • Reporting [2 days]: Write report and provide Executive Briefing summarising findings and roadmap.