Microsoft Azure Stack - Azure Stack is the next big topic in public cloud and everyone is anxiously awaiting its release. Microsoft Azure has already grown exponentially since its release and this new offering enables Azure services to be delivered from your own data centre.

Azure Stack brings the next revolution of cloud to your data centres. With Azure Stack you'll be able to run Azure, including all the features and marketplace options, but in your on premise data centres. Meaning you can maintain full control for true hybrid cloud agility. Giving you the platform to develop against. And then allowing you to choose where to run those workloads whether it's in your data centre, our data centre or in public Azure.

A better answer

As experts in both on premise and cloud infrastructure we truly understand this technology. Enabling us to deliver an end-to-end solution to meet your needs. From designing the solution all the way through to implementation. Our consultative approach means that we will work with you everystep of the way as an extension of your IT department.

We're specialists in the art of the possible. Helping you to identify the right solution for your business needs. This technology is not yet widely available but we'll help you mitigate any risks of implementing somethign new to market whilst still allowing for future proofing. Allowing your business to stay a step ahead in the technology stakes.

With the increased need for agility in IT this solution will allow you to be responsive to your business needs whilst allowing you to retain full control.

You got us to a stable operating base in a time of crisis and more than that, you’ve provided a solid platform for growth.

Marc O’Brien



At a glance

What you’ll get:

  • Robust proven Enablement Framework to draw out the solution, provision and implementation
  • Access to professional services to support process and delivery
  • Ability to deliver Azure services from your own data centre


Run Azure IaaS services:

  • Including virtual machines, Blob/Table storage & Docker-integrated Linux containers – for applications such as SQL Server or SharePoint
  • Deploy Azure PaaS services
  • Use Azure resource manager and active directory