Managed Cloud Providers - With the OCSL Managed Cloud platform, you are not constrained by the rules offered by other hyper-scale cloud providers. Our focus is to deliver a tailor-made cloud solution that is designed to match your business needs.

We believe in not locking you into a platform. We provide the flexibility you need to choose the right computing platform for the right workloads. We enable you to link your managed cloud with public cloud resources to give you the platform to flex and adapt to the modern digital world.

Through all of this we view your security as critically important. And we maintain your compliance and security needs through all options. We will keep your data secure and systems running 24x7x365.  And because OCSL’s accredited data centres are based in the UK, you know exactly where your data is stored at all times.

Delivering your competitive edge

Aside from our wide range of services that are fully customisable, our high levels of security and our many certifications, it is our people who make us truly different. They make our cloud what it is. We have outstanding experts on tap every day to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. Who will work alongside you to deliver the highest level of service at all times. So you are always able to maintain your competitive edge to deliver exceptional outcomes to your customers.

Our consultative approach to our managed services means you get the right answer, based on your question or need. Not some person who doesn’t know your business and is reading from a script.

We need to be able to move between both a public and private cloud. OCSL and HPE have given us the flexibility to pick and choose the right solution for us at the right time.

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At a glance

  • Highly customisable – specify the security you need to stay compliant
  • High security & privacy – Industry leading security solutions and dedicated bandwidth with QoS and CoS
  • High availability – ensure business critical systems run 24x7x365.
  • Secure  - our data centres exceed Tier 3 & Government official requirements
  • Efficient – integrate and extend services to  public cloud services
  • Control – tightly control access rights using OCSL’s CloudControl portal