CloudRoute - Connecting clouds securely, whilst maintaining excellent performance levels, has always been a challenge for businesses. Without robust networking cloud solutions typically fail from the outset. Connectivity is always complex, mainly due to the number of service providers involved. From physical line providers to exchange providers and the cloud providers themselves. Connecting all this together is a challenge.

And once it is all configured you then need to manage the billing schedules from three to four suppliers. Sounds like a real headache, right?

OCSL’s CloudRoute solves all of this. We offer a one-stop-shop for the connectivity and the billing.  We take care of the complex connections configuration and WAN providers. Delivering it back to you as a single service. Giving you one bill to manage and pay. And one expert point of contact to speak to when your requirements change.

Looking beyond the constraints of cloud connectivity

Our network is world-class. Our attitude towards security is uncompromising. Our security and compliance is exceptional.  We carry the highest accreditations from technology and software leaders. And our own data centre is second to none, holding Government OFFICIAL Status.

OCSL’s CloudRoute looks beyond the constraints and complexities of connecting clouds to deliver the security, reliability and flexibility many clients need. Making the complex easy and delivering the platform for true digital transformation.

Reduced operational costs demonstrates the importance of continuing to invest in innovative technology across IT.

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Head of IT Production Infrastructure

Trading & Investment

Technical details

Cloud Connections

  • Multi Cloud
  • N3/HSCN (NHS) secure connection


  • Fully encrypted links


  • Up to 10GBs connection
  • Less than 4ms latency


  • Single, Diverse, Diverse+

Reporting & Alerts

  • Average bandwidth use

Pricing & Contracts

  • Fixed price bandwidths
  • Annual contracts or longer