We’ve distilled 25 years of expertise to create a unique portal to give you complete control. Control of workload management, deployment, security and compliance, and billing. OCSL’s Cloud Control Service offers a simple way to make better decisions, faster. All from one single brokerage portal. Whatever the cloud, you can manage it all in one simple to understand mechanism.

With simple dashboards, we’ll help you work out what to run where. With just one log in, you can start by analysing what is the right cloud solution for your workload. Then quickly migrate to on premise or multiple clouds with the click of a few buttons. Giving you true cloud agility.  Our pricing is simple too. You only pay for what you use. And capped usage and alerts, make it easier to stay in control.  The really clever bit is our real time reporting. It gives you the insight to push digital to its full potential.

Spin up and stay in control

We help you get rid of the complexity of trying to manage contracts and billing across multiple clouds.  With dashboards and status updates, you are never in the dark.  With leading-edge container functionality a backend can be efficiently scaled up or down in minutes. Combine your existing on premise infrastructure with capacity from multiple cloud providers to create a truly hybrid cloud solution.


By 2017, 50% of total IT spending will be spent outside of the formal IT organization




Technical details


  • Multi clouds: Azure, AWS, Google and OCSL clouds
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Service Management Tools

Virtual Machines

  • OS choices from Cloud Vendors


  • For automation and scaling

Reporting & Alerts

  • Real-time reporting
  • Deployment trail audits