Azure Fast Start.  Many organisations are struggling to get started with Azure.  Others start, but then simply get stuck. It's an all too familiar story.  That’s why, here at OCSL, we’ve developed an efficiently lean approach to kick starting your Azure & Microsoft Hybrid Cloud journey.

Azure Fast Start: Cutting-Edge Code with Best Practice Baked In

Our experts, have worked hard to distil our experience and knowledge into powerful, proprietary code. With this, we’re able to automate all the hard bits of setting up Azure. In turn, you get a lean, agile, set up that minimises risk and guarantees best practice from day one.

How long would it take your team to set up...

...a VPN, subscriptions, 2 domain controllers, 2 ADFS servers, 2 web application proxies, robust security, active directory?  We're guessing more than a few hours.  With OCSL’s Azure Fast Start package all of the above is included and you'll be up and running on Azure in less than a day.

As part of our Fast Start package you get:

  • Robust, better-than-standard security
  • Networking & virtual networking
  • Easy, secure subscription set up
  • Fully encrypted storage
  • Secure identity set up    
  • Processes (Resource, Network, Security) and more

Plus you get to grill our experts face-to-face in a handover workshop.  And the really great news, it costs just £6k to kick start your Azure journey.  Walk away with a green-field, best-practice ready-to-go environment.  Then instantly start spinning up services like VMs and other platform-as-a-service type offerings.

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Recognised as a leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, our coveted P-seller status means we effectively act as part of Microsoft’s own sales team. And with our CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) status we can easily set up licenses for Azure, Enterprise Mobiilty, Security Suite, Dynamics and Office 365.

Working with Microsoft and other key partners, we have the expertise to help transform organisations successfully into the Public Cloud and ensure this works together with on premise or existing data centres in a  well-thought out Hybrid IT environment.  


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Vice President

IDC Research

Azure Fast Start: At a glance

  • Subscriptions - configuration of  subscriptions & public namespaces
  • Identity - configuration of Azure Active Directory & federation services to setup hybrid identity for consumption via Microsoft cloud services including Azure & O365
  • Security - configure subscription & tenant security policies including resource groups & based network security groups
  • Storage - configure subscription & tenant security policies including resource groups & based network security groups
  • Networking - configure a site-to-site VPN for secure hybrid cloud operations
  • Processes - define role based access & administration models for Azure tenant plus follow up delivery work with onsite strategy workshop