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The latest version of OneView, HPE’s Hyperconverged and composable management platform, includes some NEW features that help drive up IT productivity across the entire IT estate.   Here’s my Round Up of the main improvements you’ll find in v3.0. By Mike Waldock, Infrastructure Architect

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It’s worth noting, this version is shipped with HPE’s Next Generation Synergy Platform which launched in September 2016.  But even without the Synergy Platform, for all existing OneView customers, v3.0 delivers considerable benefits in its own right. 

One View: A Short Intro

OneView is HPE’s infrastructure management platform that streamlines provisioning and lifecycle management across compute, storage and networking .  You can use it to control resources programmatically through a unified API and an intuitive dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly deploy new services in a repeatable and predictable fashion using pre-configured system templates & profiles for servers, storage and networking connectivity.
  • Simplify onerous lifecycle operations such as BIOS settings and firmware updates; to either just one server or across an entire estate. Update to the latest versions as defined by HPE or to a particular application baseline of your choosing.
  • Monitor the entire estate for: potential hardware issues, non-compliance to published standards and deliver a dashboard that quickly allows system administrators to identify and resolve any problems in the quickest time possible.

One View really is a management platform that can scale from a single server to many thousands of devices.

OneView now integrates with a host of 3rd Party management and deployment tools, such as VMware, Microsoft, Chef, Docker, Ansible and many, many more. These plug-ins allow customers to deploy, monitor and manage with other products of their choice.  Now, all under the OneView Management console.

What’s New in OneView 3.0 ?

1. A Global Dashboard: Manage up to 10 x More Blade Systems

For those customers who purchase OneView Advanced Editions, the Global Dashboard is a free to use add-on virtual appliance that aggregates multiple OneView appliances into a single unified management view.  Before 3.0, each OneView appliance could ‘only’ manage a maximum of 40 HPE c7000 BladeSystem chassis.  Now 10x that amount can be managed.  Targets can be a combination of c7000, DL rackmount servers and the soon to be released Synergy infrastructure.  From the Global Dashboard, system administrators can search, run reports, monitor health, remotely manage and diagnose across the entire estate.

2. Migration Virtual Connect Manager (VCM): Make Migration 4x Faster

One of the tasks that needed to be conducted for existing customers of HPE c7000 and Virtual Connect interconnect modules is the migration of existing Virtual Connect Domains into OneView.

With the release of 3.0, migrating to HPE OneView has never been easier with the new in-service migration capability of v3.0. Customers can now potentially migrate from legacy environments to HPE OneView without down time and manual intervention.

Another feature of the new migration process is that up to four c7000 chassis’ can be migrated simultaneously which ultimately means the migration process can be as much as 4 times faster when compared to OneView versions 1.2 and 2.0.

3. OneView Remote Support:  Enable in a Single Click

Out-of-the-box’ remote support functionality, was noticeably absent from previous versions and a barrier for many customers.  Thankfully, this has now been completely addressed in v3.0. 

Remote Support can be quickly enabled via a single mouse click   Once enabled, hardware service events are sent to HPE for ‘phone home’ diagnosis and resolution.  Additionally, you can use remote support to view support & warranty status across the estate, as well review service events and support cases.

4. The Best of the Rest! Other OneView 3.0 enhancements

  • Notification Filtering – System administrators can now filter email alerts by categories and the level of filtering is now highly customisable. Alerts now go to the people that need to see them and can be actioned directly from within OneView.
  • Automated Backup of OneView Appliance. Run an automated backup of the appliance daily, weekly or manually as required. These backups can be directed to a SCP or SFTP share
  • C-Class Top Of Rack network management – Monitoring and basic downlink provisioning for Cisco 5k and 6k switches,
  • Added 16GB FC support inside c7000 BladeSystem chassis, allowing the same management and monitoring capabilities as the rest of the portfolio.
  • Firmware data collection and reporting. Whilst some firmware reporting features were available in previous versions of OneView this functionality has been extended to capture the firmware of HBAs, CNAs and Smart Array controllers allowing administrators to quickly and easily gather this information.
  • Expanded SPP Repository. Previous versions of OneView only allowed for a single instance of HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) due to the limited disk capacity allocated to store this information – previously 12GB. This has now been extended to a maximum of 100GB allowing customers to store and utilise multiple SPPs from within OneView v3.0
  • HPE Apollo Servers now able to me monitored via OneView.

How can you adopt OneView?

Whether you are looking to adopt OneView for the first time or want to understand more how v3.0 could further help your existing OneView implementation, OCSL can work with you to understand how could maximise your investment.. For example, as a simple first step, we can carry out some very simple Readiness Assessments to understand exactly how OneView could work in your organisation.

One View Key Business Benefits

  • Get detailed operational insight for compute, storage and networking.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by increasing the speed and flexibility of IT service delivery
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Speed up problem diagnosis and resolution

Going to HPE Discover 2016? Come and visit us on Stand 116 in the Service Provider Pavilion to find out more.  Alternatively you can pre-book a 1-2-1 with Mike or any of our experts. 

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