Security Readiness Assessment Workshop: Following on from the recent global cyber-attack many customers, especially in the healthcare sector, are looking to ensure they are better prepared for the next time. Because the one thing we know is that this will happen again.

So if you’re facing any or all of the following challenges our Security Assessment will help you:

  • Security breaches and ransomware attacks
  • Limitations on adopting new technologies due to security and privacy issues
  • Regulatory compliance

We’re all aware that increasingly it’s about survival. Compliance is important… but it isn’t sufficient. But how do you know how far you need to go? Or how your security compares with other organisations in your sector?

Our Security Readiness Assessment Workshop will benchmark your security against your industry and your peers.

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What does it involve?

It’s a 1-hour, complimentary and confidential workshop that can take place either over the phone or face-to-face depending on your preference. The workshop will be led by one of our healthcare experts.

What will you get from taking part?

From the workshop we will produce a data rich report that will show how your security compares with peers within the UK who have the same focus and are a similar size. The report will be confidential and encrypted. It will provide details around 42 security capabilities. 

Click here to review a sample report based on a fictitious organisation and assessment data.

What insight will the report provide?

Maturity overview:

Percent of security capabilities implemented at different maturity levels

Comparison against UK healthcare sector average

Identifying high level areas where there are opportunities for improvement

Your priorities and readiness

Priority alerts: identifying potential over or under prioritisation

Readiness assessment: % of relevant capabilities implemented

Readiness percentile:  whether lagging, on par or leading the industry in readiness

In addition the report will clearly layout what you should do next to address the issues the workshop and report has identified. Giving your organisation the ability to take action quickly whilst being confident it is the right action to take.

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Next steps

If this Security Readiness Workshop sounds interesting please get in touch. Once we’ve carried out the workshop we can provide additional follow up after you’ve received the report. Working with you to review and discuss the report and to create a clear action plan for moving forward.

It’s critical we maintain our reputation as being technologically advanced. We’re moving towards streamlining the travel experience and technology is playing a critical role.

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Workshop details

  • 1-hour complimentary, confidential workshop
  • Delivered face-to-face or via a call
  • Led by one of our healthcare experts
  • Detailed, data-rich, encrypted report
  • Comprehensive next steps
  • Clear action plan agreed post report review