Hybrid IT Services. In our  latest video presentation Mark Skelton, Head of Consultancy & Iain Mobberley, OCSL’s Technology Director, share why they feel Microsoft’s Azure Stack is a real game changer.  How it will create stronger Hybrid IT. How it will provide a seamless interface between On Premise and Cloud. And how you can start planning for Azure Stack today.  

"I’ve spent 10 plus years consulting in and around with Microsoft solutions and I for one, am very excited about what  Azure Stack brings to the market.

It’s going to really change the game in terms of how we run our Data Centres.  It’s going to simplify things.  It’s going to create a unified platform from Public Cloud to On Premise. It effectively creates Nirvana; there will be one place to code, one place to develop and one platform to build upon."

All of the tech community can’t wait for this to be released.  Find out why . And and find out how you can start planning successsfully for Azure Stack.

Mark Skelton, Head of Consultancy, OCSL