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So, it's the end of Day 2 at HPE Discover 2016.  Here’s our round-up of highlights including soundbites & opinions from OCSL’s experts, our sessions, our clients and keynote speeches.

Azure Stack

With standing room only at OCSL’s theatre session, it was clear there was lots of interest in Azure Stack. Set to launch in the market place in 2017, OCSL’s Technology Director, Iain Mobberley outlined how the current BETA version of Azure has come a long way.

To deliver a robust hybrid cloud strategy, the team highlighted that digital transformation doesn’t have to painful 

Using a robust enablement framework, it’s possible to quickly identify the right cloud strategy and move forward with digital transformation.

Our full presentation will be available for download shortly from the HPE Discover website.

Multi Cloud Management & Billing

Many visitors to our stand watched our CloudControl demos. From the feedback received, it was clear a Multi Cloud management tool would definitely add value.  The general consensus was that it would help to really bring disparate IT systems together.

As well as the operational value, there was a significant amount of interest in the billing capabilities of the tool.  Just how granular can Multi Cloud management tools get was probably our top FAQ of the day. Lots of visitors wanted to know how billing would work for multiple accounts in Azure.

And the answer? Anything’s possible!  We developed CloudControl in house, so it’s highly customisable. We plan to provide a high level of granular billing for multiple Azure accounts moving forward.  Budget holders will be able to clearly lock down and track different budgets for different teams, such as Project Management and DevOps teams.

The Economics of Cloud

In our highly interactive customer session on-board the Sunborn yacht, we heard from CIO’s about their first-hand experiences of digital transformation.  A CIO of a leading UK Charity was asked how he justified the economics of moving to the Public Cloud.  His reply was candidly simple: “by demonstrating it works”.  He admitted conversations with CFOs can be challenging when it comes to Cloud.  But in this particular case, the improved infrastructure and higher performance were the proof-points needed.   In turn, it has provided a platform for digital innovation and more efficient ways of working.

Digital Efficiency and the IoT

In today's keynote, once again, the focus was on IoT and the edge of the Network.  From different speakers we heard about how IoT is driving up workplace productivity and efficiency With a greater level of data and insights, there's a big opportunity to deliver digital efficiency with a more accurate picture of ROI.

One of the most interesting case studies was about how IoT is driving up efficiencies within the NHS.   We heard from a hospital in Plymouth how their WiFi tagged trolleys have helped nurses save a massive amount of time. No longer do they have walk miles to track down one trolley. With the help of technology they can now find the nearest in minutes.

See OCSL’s own case study about using Cloud to drive up efficiencies within the NHS.

So, that’s our round up from Day 2 at Discover.   See you on Day3!

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