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One of our Senior Technical Consultants has been working on an  implementation of VMware Horizon Mirage for one of our clients. They’d reached out to OCSL and asked us whether we knew of a solution for backing up and recovering their physical desktop and laptop estate. Here, the OCSL team explain how VMware Horizon Mirage has this capability and a whole lot more. 

From a simple management infrastructure businesses can easily manage their laptop enabled mobile workers by syncing the laptop image and any local data to their secure data centre. VMware Horizon Mirage then allows I.T. to recover the laptop, say, for example, if it's lost or damaged to another device.  And the great news - there's no requirement for an onsite I.T. engineer.

VMware Horizon Mirage Use Case Scenario

Let me give you an example.  One of your mobile sales team is flying out to another city for a meeting. Before getting on the plane they produce work locally on the laptop connected over the Wi-Fi at the airport. The local Mirage agent is syncing the local data and any changes to the software on the laptop, for instance a password manager application, with the Mirage infrastructure in your secure datacentre. Your user finishes their work and gets on the flight. But then disaster strikes. At the destination they find the laptop has been damaged beyond repair.

Typically a call to the I.T. helpdesk would result in a request for the user to return to an office and pick up a new laptop along with apologetic noises about the loss of local data. But with Mirage the I.T. helpdesk can instruct the employee to purchase a new laptop from a local computer store, install the Mirage agent provided from an external internet location and continue or start any work they wish on the new appliance. In the meantime an I.T. administrator can stream the backed up image from the point in time when the user last connected their laptop to the internet and recover this to the new laptop. The new laptop with be imaged with the managed corporate image and all the user data and applications after a prompted reboot of the device.

But that’s not all. All the files the user had saved locally on their old laptop can be presented via a web based secure file portal available to the user. This can be used at any time, whether the user has their device, at a local office or at a remote location.

In addition with integration of VMware View the laptop image can be provisioned as a virtual desktop for the employee which can be accessed external to the corporate network from any web browser. So in the example above if the user can’t purchase a laptop then a kiosk machine with a web browser would suffice for access to their desktop.

With VMware Horizon Mirage you can now manage, recover and centralise your physical desktop infrastructure with minimal interference from I.T. If you think this is a solution that is fit for your business, get in touch, and we'd be happy to walk you through some use case scenarios for your business.

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