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Tech Trends 2017. It is that time of the year when we like to reflect and look back on the trends in 2017 that were top of CIO agendas. From a technology perspective, it has been another year of innovation and change. And I don’t think that trend is set to change anytime soon

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So, what were my 3 big tech trends for 2017?

  1. The rise of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life
  2. Cyber security threats becoming very real
  3. Public Cloud going mainstream

2017: A landmark year for AI

In the consumer world, I think 2017 can be considered one of the landmark years for AI.  We are surrounded by it. Many of us embrace it in daily lives, whether it is personal assistance like Siri, Cortana or Google. Or, through devices like Amazon’s Alexa listening to us in our homes.  AI has hit us hard. 

This trend continues into the work place.  We have seen a huge amount of investment into these cloud-based technology areas.  Computers are now listening and helping make decisions for us.  And savvy businesses are coupling this with big data projects to drive competitive advantage.

Cyber Attacks, now the new normal

I also think 2017 was a bit of a milestone year for Cyber security. Many organisations realised the enormity of threats posed to us by cyber criminals and security attacks. 

And none made this more apparent than the WannaCry and Petya attacks.  These have made some industries even more paranoid about the risks of embracing technology.

I think it became clearer than ever, we live in a world where you must be prepared for an attack, as it will happen. 

It is important to protect your key data and understand how to recover from an attack.  I think in 2017 what we realised is this: although technology is great, we all need to work together to ensure the data we use is fully protected.

Is Hybrid the new cloud battle ground?

In 2017, we certainly saw Public Cloud becoming mainstream. I was amazed by the scale and size of the companies now looking to Public Cloud for their production workloads. 

This was a huge shift from previous years.  We are seeing businesses make the move to reap the benefits of Public Cloud innovation and technologies. And to use these to build better business outcomes and competitive advantage. 

2017 demonstrated it was not just young, born in the cloud organisations, it is also big FTSE 100 organisation embracing the Public Cloud.  This trend will continue into 2018 but will also lead more tech leaders towards hybrid -  as products like Azure Stack and VMWare’s offering with AWS start to become adopted.

So, are you ready for 2018?  In my follow-on post, I’ll be outlining the 6 Top Tech Trends I believe will be important for the year ahead.

Next year, will be another year where we will need to embrace change and identify how we can make the most of all the innovation happening around us.

Tools like our Enablement Framework can help design and implement a solution that will meet your needs today and allow room for expansion as the tech landscape changes.

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