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Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management made easy.  In the third of my Cloud Control video demo series I show you how to move your own cloud or on premise environment within the portal.  You can view the portal building up an inventory of what's contained within the environment, including images, networking and Virtual Machines.

OCSL Cloud Control: Adding your own cloud

When it comes to Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management, having the ability to plug in the environment you already have in place into a Cloud Control portal so you can manage it alongside instances in the cloud is a huge plus for many organisations.

A lot of our clients like to have certain areas of their infrastructure on premise for security and compliance reasons. But they also need to limit costs on other areas of their IT, such as test and development platforms. 

When it comes to driving value from limited budgets, Cloud, can be the optimum choice. But, at the same time, no one really wants to have to log in across various environments to manage all their different areas. 


Which is why OCSL's Cloud Control service and portal allows you to plug your environment directly into it.  This provides an inventory of your whole system including vms, networking, storage and templates.

It’s all well and good being able to manage across multiple environments but what about when you decide you want to run a workload in a different place? To find out how this can be also be easily managed, watch my next demo: OCSL Cloud Control: Migrating Between Clouds.

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If you’d be interested in having your own demo of our Cloud Control service and portal, please request a demo.

Harry Courtney-Buddle

DevOps Systems Analyst

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