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SAP in the cloud: I had an interesting conversation recently with Les Davidson, former CIO of The Body Shop, when we met up to discuss our upcoming SAP event. You can listen to some of what was discussed in the video here.


It’s always a challenge when planning customer events to make sure you can give people a flavour of why they’d find it worthwhile being in the room. But this was a great example of how - if you look at things differently - you can really open up some valuable debate.

As part of our discussion we posed three challenging statements – all of which are relevant to what will be discussed at Microsoft’s London offices on Tuesday 21st March:

  1. Putting SAP in the cloud delivers better security in terms of your data and service-level.If this isn't your experience you're doing it wrong.
  2. Implementing SAP HANA in the cloud will make your current business model redundant. Embracing this revolutionary opportunity enables innovation and unlimited business growth.
  3. Being stuck in your own datacentre limits your company's ability to grow and expand. Moving to the cloud sets you free. To achieve cost efficiency, scalability, portability and full control.

If you’re looking at implementing SAP or moving your current SAP instances to the cloud you should attend this event. Our topics will cover why you should do SAP differently, why Microsoft Azure is a good option, where this has been done before and how to get started.

So join our debate to understand how SAP in the cloud can deliver better security, enable you to reinvent your business model and set you and your business free to embrace an exciting new future.

We look forward to seeing you there. To sign up, please visit our event page.

Mark Skelton

Head of Consultancy, OCSL

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