OCSL Editor

Iain Mobberley, OCSL’s Technology Director recaps Day 2 at the conference and reflects how Microsoft are part way through a very significant shift to a Cloud First, Mobile First business.

The writing was on the wall as I sat in the WPC Vision Keynote and all around there were pictures of clouds projected onto the surrounding walls. The focus is to drive customers to Microsoft’s cloud on their terms. It sounds in essence a very simple proposition but the reality is that there is still a significant need for system integrators such as OCSL to drive the behaviour with our customers.

There is real clarity around how Microsoft define the cloud; it is O365 for productivity and Azure for IaaS and PaaS. The experience is to be defined where it should be better than anything the customer can experience on premise. The investments and development being made into Azure make it a very compelling proposition. Microsoft claim to be the only provider that have a Enterprise Class Cloud which is truly hybrid.

My view is that actually that Microsoft are one choice and that there are other options for customers and that is the value in partner such as OCSL. Never more is there a need for a “trusted advisor” to work with a customer to understand the way the new “battlegrounds” are being drawn up and the choices that they have.

What choice will you make?  Currently OCSL are undertaking a UK wide Cloud Survey in partnership with HP.  If you’d like to share your views then contact our marketing team (marketing@ocsl.co.uk) who will put you in contact with our research agency.

The highlight of the day yesterday was to be called out as an outstanding Worldwide FLP partner at an awards ceremony for the collaborative work that we do bring both Microsoft and HP technologies together. OCSL were the only UK partner to be recognised this year.

It was a privilege to spend some time with Sue Barsamian, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Indirect Sales, HP Enterprise Group (pictured). The ceremony was followed by a superb celebration dinner with a quite exceptional view of Capitol Hill.  Congratulations to all in the company who made this happen, I was just lucky enough to collect on our behalf.

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