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Microsoft Cloud Provider. So what is the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) programme and what does it mean for you? To answer the question let’s take a look at the background context.   Digital is now pretty much on everyone’s agenda. But it needs to co-exist with a legacy world. 


Gartner herald this as Bi-modal IT.  In other words, organisations need to support the old and the new. They need to tackle digital transformation in the context of on-premises, managed and public cloud services. And this is where CSP comes in.  CSP enables OCSL to provide Azure based solutions whilst managing a customer’s complete lifecycle; from transformation through to consumption on flexible terms.

CSP: Pay-as-you-grow on your terms

We recently worked with an organisation who needed to support an intranet site across their global business units. As a mature business, who cross-charge across multiple divisions, they needed something flexible that would support delivery from Microsoft Azure. Crucially, they wanted to avoid the upfront capital commitment normally associated with an Enterprise Agreement.  We put forward CSP model of consumption with wrap-around support from OCSL.  By adopting this approach, they had a pay as you grow model to support their project on their terms and ultimately lowered the overall cost of the project.

With innovations such as Cloud Route, our secure, direct connection to the Public Cloud and Cloud Control Portal, our Cloud Management Portal, OCSL can provide complete transparency on usage and costs, giving customers real control over the pay-as-you-grow model.

To truly take advantage of cloud economics it’s important the way in which you consume those services changes.

Microsoft Cloud Provider: Consumption based billing and flexible terms

For me, the introduction of the CSP programme from Microsoft represents a significant change in the way organisations can consume Microsoft Cloud-based services. Gartner recently stated in their Hype Cycle for Cloud Services that Cloud are typically favoured for new application development, particularly when organisations pursue digital business outcomes. To achieve this, organisations need to move to true consumption based billing and flexible terms. 

CSP ensures that organisations are able to tailor the solutions available from Azure to their needs.  And at the same time, get the support and management they would expect from an on-premises or managed environment.

OCSL have been working with Microsoft for many years. With a history of delivering Cloud and Managed Service solutions we are a 1 Tier CSP and an expert Microsoft Cloud Provider.

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