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Azure Stack creates true Hybrid Cloud. Mark Skelton, OCSL’s Head of Consultancy, discusses what impact Azure Stack will have on Hybrid Cloud and on how IT is run within organisations.

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Mark Skelton:

Public Azure has become very widely adopted. It's now taken over AWS in terms of Public Cloud adoption.

And what customers, and what businesses have been looking for, is not just the Public Cloud side of things, but true hybrid cloud.

And this is what Azure Stack brings to the game.

It’s allowing you to run Azure services but within your own environment, or within a private service providers environment.

So, very different scenarios where Public cloud has never really fitted, or never will fit.



Microsoft Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud: Impact on IT

I think it will have an enormous impact on IT.

IT has run in a very traditional model for the last 10-15 years. IT teams have been running a highly virtualized environment. Operating the same way very much . For example, building virtual machines, building storage, building networks.

But Azure Stack is an appliance based solution.  So HPE are going to be providing a black box effectively.  It takes control of networking storage and the compute for you. So, you don't need to manage all those things.

It's frees up IT support time. So you can run a better model. A more efficient, data centre effectively.

But it also provides some innovative services. For example, all that great stuff Microsoft are doing on Public Azure, will be available on your own Microsfoft Azure Stack appliance.   

You are reducing your admin overhead and providing innovation. You're driving a better platform in your datacentre.”

In the next part of his video series, Mark explores some of the business challenges Microsoft's Azure Cloud Stack will help organisations solve.

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