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Recent conversations with our customers have highlighted just how many are looking for an easy way to manage their multi-cloud environments. It was a big topic at HPE Discover this year where we were delighted to be showcasing our Cloud Control platform.

We see this as a big step forward into the hybrid cloud domain. With the platform able to spin up, manage and monitor pretty much anywhere, whether it be on our on IAAS/PAAS platforms, Microsoft Azure, AWS or even on customers current on site environments. All from a single solution.

It’s an amazing concept being able to manage and monitor across all these different technologies varying from on premise to public cloud. And we’re very excited that this platform is able to do this.  

Following on from the success of our demos at HPE discover we’ve created video demos, the first of which is available to watch now.


Our managing multi-cloud demo provides a brief tour around the main areas of our portal including the dashboard, logs and instances sections. Watching this you’ll get to see real time stats across many areas of a virtual machine. As well as how the portal is used to manage reboots and even scale and resize instances.  

On this video you’ll start to get a feel for the real variety on offer from this single portal. You’ll see what this platform can provide for customers in terms of where and what they can provision. And how it can empower you to be in control of your own destiny.

If you’d be interested in having your own demo of our Cloud Control offering, please request a demo.
And please watch out for our forthcoming pieces showcasing other ways in which our Cloud Control portal can help make cloud easy.

Harry Courtney-Buddle
DevOps Systems Analyst

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