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Manage and monitor multi-cloud. The next video demo in the series is the Monitoring Multi-Cloud video. Here, we take a look at the monitoring capabilities of the Cloud Control service and portal itself. 

OCSL's Cloud Control: Monitoring Multi-Cloud Video Overview.

The way in which the majority of instances controlled by the portal work is that they are deployed with an agent. 

This agent allows the portal extra abilities and monitoring compared to say just using vm tools with VMware. 

The platform can pull in logs across all environments and put them in a single place to view.  Alerts can be set up that monitor various readings. 

In the video itself we look at a simple web check but see that there are more that can be used. 


These checks can also be grouped. Useful for tiered applications where you monitor across various instances for what, in total, is one working application.

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I hope you enjoyed my video demo on how to manage and monitor multi cloud. If you’d be interested in having your own demo of our Cloud Control service and portal, please request a demo.

Harry Courtney-Buddle
DevOps Systems Analyst

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