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Flash storage, a cost-effective way to accelerate your critical data and harness its full potential. 

My fellow 'expert' Adrian Kingsford, previously talked about how we can help you get to grips with the types of data being stored - how we can help categorise it, to put the right data, on the right platform, at the right time. Building on that theme, let’s take a look at how to make data work harder and faster in a hybrid IT environment - focusing on on-premises storage for your top tier data and applications.

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TCO for flash will continue to decline through 2020, providing a return on investment that spinning-disk solutions will not be able to meet.*

FLASH…AHHA…it's now cheaper than spinning drives…ok, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue like the original title song from the movie. (written and performed by Queen of course.)

But it is true, that flash storage prices have steadily been coming down in price for a number years now. It’s never been cheaper, in terms of capital outlay, to purchase flash-based storage for top-tier data and applications.

So, if you've assumed flash is prohibitively expensive and you're struggling with the current performance of your data, now is the time to embrace flash technology.  Not only is it more economically viable, but it's critical to have a modern infrastructure that can flex and scale quickly, and easily, so you can respond to the rapidly changing needs of your customers.

Drive the right cost model - flash storage from as little as 2.26 pence per GB

Now, I know what you're thinking…what is this guy on about? Spinning drives are still far cheaper than solid state flash drives!

And you're right, kind of…However, something that is very prevalent in the storage market currently is pairing the increased performance of flash drives with space-saving techniques, such as a deduplication and compression.

These technologies are not new, but deploying these on spinning drives in the past simply crushed the drives and the storage arrays performance.

But more cost-effective flash drives, increased computing power, plus larger memory footprints within today's arrays, means many of these previous failings have now been eliminated.

Add to that advancements in deduplication, compression techniques and algorithms, and now is the time to seriously consider a flash-storage-first-approach.

With these advances in technology and price reductions in flash storage, we can start to drive cost models in the orders of magnitude of pence, per month, per GB.

One of our customers, Southampton Football Club, is already realising the benefits of all-flash storage and have not looked back since. Below are the headline figures:

#1 Increased application performance by 37%.
#2 Reduced SQL query wait times by 50%.
#3 Average data reduction improved to 2.7:1 across all applications.

Key to success is the right data, in the right place, at the right time This is not to say that the only storage to buy now is flash based, far from it.

Remember our data assessments that Adrian introduced you to? Putting that data in the right place, at the right time means there has to be more than one place for data to reside.

For data that is no longer relevant and/or not driving a return for your investors, this needs to be filed away. Perhaps on on-premises spinning drives or perhaps in the Public Cloud.

If you have substantial amounts of file data or images, perhaps the best approach is a large object store, again delivered either on-premises or from the cloud.

But, for top-tier data and their associated applications, where data needs to be analysed and made to work for the organisation today - in real time - then flash-based storage can and should make absolute sense.  And without it, it will be difficult to be competitive in the future.
Let’s talk – get your data to work harder for you.

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