Harry Courtney-Buddle

With OCSL’s NEW portal you can now combine your existing on premise infrastructure with capacity from multiple cloud providers to create a truly hybrid cloud solution, seamlessly managed from a single portal.  Through the OCSL portal, instances can be created, controlled, modified and monitored across the entire hybrid estate under the same log-in.

Harry Courtney-Buddle Systems Analyst, Managed Services Make contact

In this video, OCSL’s Technical Analyst, Harry Courtney Buddle, shows just how easy it is to provision an Azure server using our new portal.

Video Summary

Step 1 – The OCSL Cloud Control Dashboard

Log in to the Dashboard Overview, packed with useful stats on provisioning, monitoring, logs and backups.

Step 2 – Provisioning in Azure

From the Provisioning tab, select “Instances” from the Sub-menu and select “Azure”.  After selecting, “Add Instance”, you’ll be presented with an extensive list of the machines you can provision.   Select “Azure” from the list available.  Choose which Group and which Cloud the Instance will spin up on.

Step 3 – Choose the general options of the machine

Select the Plan, Log-in info, Networking, Security group and Disk sizing.

Step 4 – Finally, complete and spin up your instance on Azure

Receive confirmation it has deployed correctly via OCSL’s portal.

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