OCSL Editor

Within the IT industry we are seeing a polarisation towards Cloud – but what does this really mean for a large and diverse ISV community and their users?

In the past week, we’ve heard @ErrolRasit from Gartner speak about new buyers, rivals and challenges.  He shared how we are part of a transformative change taking place (there will be 25 billion connected things by 2020), this "Internet of things" impacts us all.

So how does it affect the ISV community – a diverse set of organisations who OCSL works closely with – see all of our partners.

There are 5 key reasons why ISV’s are looking to capitalise on Cloud:

  • Elasticity; Gives the ability to scale up, scale down, quickly. 
  • Brings better business efficiency, driving savings.
  • Enables rapid application development. If it takes more than 6 months to deliver ROI from a new app / project then many companies won't do it.
  • Meet regulations effecting people/financial / sensitive data.
  • OpenStack / open source / open standards means no lock-in

Cloud is also changing expectations, we are working with customers who are becoming internal service providers for their business, who are setting up a catalogue of services for internal use. This shift from a traditional way of delivering IT is causing some to say that the procurement team are now irrelevant. Just look at GCloud and how that has changed public sector procurement. Couple all of this with organisations wanting to consume “as a service” and the pressure is on the ISV community to react.

Each day we are being asked to help with queries like how can I develop on top of your platform, what does the API look like, how can we take advantage of the new model - this is what the ISVs need to think about within the next 6-12 months. 

For ISV’s the message seems clear- delaying will cost you. The risk of not doing it is greater than in the past. Now is the time to shift.

At OCSL we’ve developed a strong transformation programme to help ISV’s take advantage of Cloud, in partnership with ISV’s like Progress Software and others. Now is the right time to explore Cloud and embrace the urgency!

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