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Just another 3PAR?  Actually, yes, the new HP 3PAR StoreServ 20000 series is just another generation of 3PAR, but that's a good thing!

The features and benefits of the already outstanding 3PAR storage architecture is what makes 3PAR great, so there is no need to change it, other than to make it bigger, faster, more efficient, more resilient and more cost effective!

The updates to the 3PAR portfolio include the new StoreServ 20000 family; the 20800 and the 20850 which will replace the existing high-end 10000 family. The 20800 is a converged array and supports multiple drive types including SSD, 15K/10K enterprise grade spinning disks and 7.2K nearline spinning disks. The 20850 is an all-flash array, supporting SSD's only.

Both 20000 series arrays support either 2, 4, 6 or 8 controllers, with up to 1,024 SSDs in the 20850 and up to 1,920 drives in the 20800 (max 1,024 SSDs).

The 20000 series arrays are part of the high end storage market, offering an enterprise level platform for critical workloads like ERP and large private cloud, as well as for massive consolidation projects, and for competing with other tier 1 storage vendor offerings such as the VSP or G1000 from HDS, and the VMAX3 or XtremIO (4+bricks) from EMC.

There is no comparison!

The 20000 series has the latest Gen5 Thin-Express ASICs with 4GB/s ASIC to ASIC bandwidth (224GB/s total bandwidth), along with hex-core Intel CPUs to give 50% more compute power, triple the amount of control cache and double the amount of data cache. There are 66% more FC ports, much greater rack density (standard 19" racks can now be used with this series), 180% more addressable capacity, 3x the GB/s bandwidth (which is ideal for data intensive applications such as SAP HANA) and 3x the IOPS performance (3 million IOPS in <1ms). Also, the disk shelves are now 12Gb/s SAS connected and have a 2U form factor (24 SFF disks or 12 LFF disks in a 2U chassis), and the concept of disk magazines has now gone away - yay!

In terms of software, the Operating System Suite now includes the System Reporter software title, the Cluster Extension (CLX) software has been added to the Replication Suite bundle, and a new Remote Copy Async Streaming feature has been added to the Remote Copy replication software title.

Let OCSL come and talk to you about the features and benefits of consolidating your mission critical workloads onto a 3PAR platform!

From entry level solutions with the 8200, through to tier 1 high end scalability, performance and resilience with the 20800, HP 3PAR StoreServ should definitely be part of your storage strategy!

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