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I’m surrounded by the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma and have directly lived through Katrina. I know first-hand, that when disaster strikes, getting back to business-as-usual is something that both individuals, communities and businesses need.

Do your customers have a business continuity plan that includes International?

Analyst firm IDC reported that 50 percent of businesses never recover after an outage and 90 percent go out of business within two years. As seen with both hurricanes Harvey and Irma, wide geographical areas of the US were affected.  Our International Partners division, can help US partners and their customers, diversify assets globally so that if disaster strikes, customers can readily keep their business up-and-running. Keeping the impacted area’s workforce employed is vital to the communities’ recovery.

Replace like-for-like, or time to consider Cloud or Managed Services?

Instead of replacing like-for-like, it may be the time to consider a Cloud or a Managed Services solution. More and more organisations, both in the US and worldwide are shifting to Cloud.

According to IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud computing will increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020.

OCSL can help US-based and International partners diversify business continuity plans with colocation, managed services and cloud solutions. Our wholly owned UK Data centres exceed the industry’s security and compliance standards and meet ISO best practices.  With Cloud Route, our own high performance, secure connection to Public Cloud we can connect your customers’ site, securely to Public Cloud, increasing both performance and reliability.  And with Cloud Control, we give your customers full control of workload management both on premises and in the Cloud.

When evaluating a move to Cloud, Year 1 & 2 of Cloud can look expensive. But, that’s why it’s important to consider benefits over a much longer transformation period. Read my colleague, Mark Skelton’s full post on Measuring the True Value of Cloud

Our International Projects team has the capability to quickly scale up across continents, so, if you’ve been adversely affected by recent hurricane events in USA, talk to us about your immediate and longer term requirements. We can help you immediately replace any hardware affected on premises and longer term, about our managed data facilities and cloud solutions.


All our solutions are available for resale in the US via our International IT Services & Partners team.


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