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Since October 2015 there have been some extraordinary events taking place, not only in the world of technology but on the global stage. Within the IT industry Hewlett Packard split into two, Dell and EMC came together to form one of the largest IT businesses on the planet and Microsoft forged a ground-breaking new relationship with HPE.  On the world stage, British astronaut Tim Peake made his way to the International Space Station and governments and organisations around the world moved swiftly to respond to new challenges posed by terrorism and pandemics.

But against this canvas of change, what has struck me, is there remains one enduring constant: human endeavour.

The world of technology: adapt, evolve, survive…

In the IT industry you can’t escape the next “buzz” or “trend”, whether it be Cloud, Big Data, IoT or AI. The IT professional is always looking for the next wave to follow, drive or design. Like most businesses, here at OCSL we are constantly adapting.  Over the last year, we’ve worked hard, won some customers, lost some customers and forged some new partnerships.  We’ve also looked inwardly at what we believe is our own “DNA” and how we need to transform as a business.

Against this backdrop of change, it’s reassuring to think all of us have a common goal; to try, in some way, to leave a positive mark.  This seems one of the few enduring constants in the fast-paced world of IT and the world at large.

How can you be successful when technology moves at the speed of light?

I believe you need the following: strong and robust partnerships, innovation, focus, the desire to succeed and a degree of tenacity. Plus you need to aim for excellence as an individual and as a business.

One of our partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, provides a great example of a company that strives for excellence against a backdrop of constant change.  As a large global business, with a market cap of $24B, HP has managed to stay focussed, nimble and agile.  They have consistency in leadership and they have people striving to develop new technologies that will help safeguard our industry and help the wider business world in the future.  As they strive to re-invent themselves, they remain focussed on the core skills for which they’re known. From a customer and partner’s perspective there is absolute clarity on their focus and the value they offer - hybrid infrastructure transformation, protecting digital enterprise, enabling workplace productivity and empowering data-driven organisations.

You only have to watch or have a conversation with Martin Fink (HPE CTO and EVP for HPE Labs) to understand that there is considerable depth supporting each of these areas from a technology standpoint.

Technology: the future of change

As third generation Digital Natives exit universities, we’ll see new technologies, consumption models of everything, almost infinite amounts of data and the demand for “now”.  The IT industry will need to continually evolve and transform to meet these new challenges.  Transformation to survive, increase efficiency and drive growth will be essential.

But one thing that won’t change is human endeavour. We design. We deploy. We integrate. We consume. We drive, the demand. It almost becomes self-perpetuating.

And let’s not forget, it’s always people that are at the heart of IT.

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Technology Director, OCSL

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