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Mark Skelton, our Head of Consultancy gives his highlights and expert insights from HPE Discover 2016.  What are the technologies that will help make hybrid cloud a reality?

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HPE & Azure Stack

At this year’s Discover Azure Stack was the phrase on everyone’s lips.   It was standing room only for any sessions with Azure stack in the title.  (Including our own session on "Digital Revolution begins by moving to hybrid cloud")

Because Azure Stack stretches across both Public and Private Clouds, management overheads are massively streamlined.   You develop once; you maintain once.

And streamlined efficiency is mirrored in HPE’s simplified, condensed hardware. Where organisations might have once needed 10 racks, now, they’ll probably be looking at just one.

Azure Stack will make Hybrid Cloud a reality for many organisations.   And the combination of Azure Stack underpinned by the new, simplified, condensed HPE hardware is really exciting.  Effectively, we’re now on the cusp of a brand new modern infrastructure for 21st business.

The Disrupters: Docker, Mesophere and CHEF

The development of containerisation and disruptor technologies is equally seismic.  With faster more agile containers, app development and data management have been liberated.  They are no longer tied to traditional application architecture, such as Windows and Linux. 

Apps and data can now be spun up and spun down with ease and agility.  

And this fast, streamlined use of data is critical for providing a superior customer experience.

And this is the key point organisations need to absorb.  Whether you're developing medical apps for patients or marketing apps to build your customer base, if the customer experience isn’t fast and smooth, it’s game over.

IoT and The Intelligent Edge

IoT and the Intelligent Edge were the other hot topics at Discover.  And this is the 3rd key piece of the new modern infrastructure.  This is about creating faster, more robust Wi Fi Networks.  At Discover we saw how Aruba and Arista have made huge strides in improving Wi Fi connections and sensors to deliver faster, remote connectivity.

And the companies that can leverage the data and the intelligence from the IoT and Intelligent edge will be the ones that will outpace the competition.

I know the use case scenario about ThyssenKrupp Elevators case study lift sensors is mentioned a lot in tech forums, but it’s a great example of a business that’s starting to use data intelligence effectively. 

So what does this mean for you and your business?  The key point to takeaway is the importance of having a modern solid infrastructure that can support, these fast agile technologies and networks. 

Without this, the reality of achieving a fast, superior customer experience will be an impossible goal.

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