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HPE Discover 2016​.  Iain Mobberley, Technology Director and Mark Skelton, Head of Consultancy give their expert insights and opinions on key trends, technologies and customer stories from Day 1 of HPE Discover.


One of the over-arching themes from today’s event was: Driving the Old and the New. And of course the underlying theme right across today’s keynote was Hybrid IT.

In terms of the new, the renewed focus on HPE Pathfinder programme and its developing ecosystem caught my attention.

This brings HPE huge depth and relevance, right across the industry.


Yes, this was really interesting.  For HPE it’s about embracing the disrupters. It’s about embracing Silicon Valley hotshots such as CHEF, Hortonworks and Mesosphere and bringing them all on board.

These guys are the Dockers of tomorrow.

And HPE’s own hybrid approach reflects what’s going on in organisations right across the world.

The need to protect old legacy systems and infrastructure, whilst still embracing new platforms that drive digital transformation,


We saw the interest and focus around HPE’s Synergy platform.  And here really is an example of the classic Hybrid IT bridge between the old world and the new worlds.

And whilst it may be about embracing the old and the new, it was great to hear “Cloud-first” strategy mentioned so many times today.   A FTSE 250 client I’ve been working with for many years spoke to me about starting their Cloud Transformation journey.  And as always, it’s usually not so much about embracing technical change, but embracing a cultural shift that new world technologies demand.  The particular client I spoke to openly admitted they didn’t know where to start. And that’s where we can help with our proven and established Enablement Framework.


The Intelligent Edge is also going to be huge.  We heard from Meg Whitman in her keynote about the importance of harnessing data.  We’re already ahead of the curve on this.  We’re currently working on developing the infrastructure for a client in the leisure industry and some joint marketing initiatives with HPE.  They want to be one of the first organisations out there to capitalise on the huge potential of Intelligent Edge data.  This is going to be a massive opportunity in both leisure and retail organisations.

One other interesting thing for me, was the pay as you go approach to flexible storage for 3PAR.  Quite a different approach to traditional billing models for storage.  Interesting to see how the “old world” has adopted a billing approach from the new world of Cloud.


Talking of billing. It was great to have so much positive feedback on our CloudControl billing model.  And good to see how much interest we had in our CloudControl demos in general. 

What a great first day for OCSL at HPE Discover 2016. (If you haven't already paid us a visit, come and talk to our experts on Stand 116 )

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