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HPE has just closed the doors on their biggest event of the year - HPE Discover Europe in London.  As the dust settles I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the big announcements from the conference.  For me one of the biggest is the new partnership arrangements that have been revealed between two of the super powers of our industry, HPE and Microsoft. 

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At the conference we heard about how HPE will start promoting Microsoft cloud offerings to its customers.  In return Microsoft will be using HPE enterprise services division as its leading cloud deployment and consultancy partner worldwide. This partnership tie-up is great news for OCSL as we are one of just 12 organisations worldwide who are an Azure “black belt” partner and an HPE platinum partner.

HPE has promised to enable Azure consumption with every server sold! By itself this is a clear statement of intent by both organisations to really attack the market and drive better cloud adoption within enterprise organisations. It also shows their desire to put a squeeze on the market share that Amazon has enjoyed for a while now.

Microsoft has high aspirational targets of toppling Amazon’s market dominance and is investing huge sums of money to build on their traction.  Below is a current state of the nation as to where Microsoft and HPE fit in the global cloud providers.  Combining the two really should strengthen both organisations position in this market.

However, what is even more interesting to me from this announcement is that we should expect more and more cross collaboration between these two IT giants.

Since the event we have received news that HPE will be releasing a new Hyper converged platform dubbed the “HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System”. This is in line with what Microsoft has developed with Dell reference architecture in the past. The idea with HPE is to make the solution more accessible to more enterprise customers by offering a lower entry point and more flexibility for customers.  This is just the start of announcements over the next few months as we have been promised more solutions will be released jointly as an output of this new joining of forces.

In my opinion this partnership really does send out a positive message to customers and partners alike.  We need these super powers to be working together to give us solutions that are really going to drive better business outcomes.  What we see in too many cases in the market is confusion and a lack of integration which makes it very hard to take a business into the ‘cloud-first’ world that seems to be the nirvana of modern IT business.

HPE and Microsoft working together should make things a little easier for us all. Ultimately it allows OCSL as a leading partner for both organisations to deliver better solutions for our customers. We’re in the perfect position to be at the centre of this big shift and to help our customers benefit from this new partnership.

When additional information is released we will follow up with some more product-focused analysis so please stay tuned and listen out for further posts.  In the meantime, if you would like a briefing on these changes and what they mean for your organisation please do get in touch.  We are running 1-to-1 briefings all the time with customers to help define and build cloud strategies

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