Jane Ayres

We caught up with OCSL’s CMO, Jane Ayres to find out about the new brand, her views on digital transformation and how to step away from hackneyed clichés in tech marketing.

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Q:  A re-brand is a large undertaking. Where do you begin?

I think the short answer is, with yourself.  We took the time to identify the values that make us different. Every time I spoke to a client about a project or our people, the same themes came up again and again - a uniquely different perspective, a strong collaborative spark and extreme agility.  Looking at the market, we were struck by how similar everyone sounded. We knew we wanted a brand that set us apart; one that truly reflected our unique DNA. 

The brand project has really underlined how much the IT audience has changed.  We’re no longer just talking to CIOs. We’re now talking to CEO’s and CMO’s.  We are also talking with millennials and a text-first generation.  For this broader audience, it’s more important than ever, to make the complex world of IT, simple.  

There are obvious parallels between brand transformation and Cloud & digital transformation.  Namely, before you start looking at any detail, you need to fully understand where you are and where you want to get to. Strategy 101, I guess. But in the fast-moving world of tech, it’s surprising how many businesses leap-frog this important first stage.  Using something like our Cloud Enablement Framework is vital.  It helps clearly map the direction of travel and desired outcomes.

Q: How do you feel OCSL lives up to its newly defined brand values?

I work with all areas of our business, so come across examples daily.  I was recently speaking to one of our IT security & governance experts working for a European client.  Cultural nuances were holding up IT decision-making, but our experts cut through the “noise” to help the client reach an agreement. Yes, we offer technical expertise, but this is just one example how our agility and our fresh perspective were the magic ingredients for success here. 

We’ve never been afraid to challenge clients. This often means the initial scope of a project can flip completely.  A Public Sector client recently approached us with a relatively simple project to upgrade and migrate their data centre. Our experts suggested moving some workloads to the Public Cloud.  With a different perspective we identified how they could drive significant savings and mobility across their business. 

Our relentless energy, speed and agility are something our partners such as HPE and Microsoft have always valued highly.  During bids, it’s our confidence and ability to get things done faster, but still maintain quality, that invariably wins the day.  A strongly collaborative approach has always been part of who we are. 

Q: What’s next for OCSL?

We’re really looking forward to sharing the new OCSL with our clients and the IT world and we’ll be starting with a major IT event in London HPE’s Discover 2016.  Without giving too much away, we’ve got some exciting upcoming news in terms of adding a security product to our offerings. I can’t reveal too much at this stage, but what I can say, that this is going to be a very exciting addition to the new OCSL brand.  Watch this space…

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