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Cloud migration. In this Cloud Control video demo I take a look at how incredibly easy it is to migrate servers from one environment to another.

OCSL Cloud Control: Migrating Between Clouds

Many of our clients are looking for an easy way to manage their multi-cloud environments.  And as our Demo series illustrates, Cloud Control gives you the flexibility to do exactly that.

It’s all well and good being able to manage across multiple environments but what about when you decide you want to run a workload in a different place? 

Well our new Cloud Control service and portal allows migration across platforms. 


There’s an extensive list of supported cross platform migration technologies and in the migration video in this series we show a customer’s virtual machine migrating from their own environment that they added previously into OCSL’s own private cloud. 

After migration all the normal operations on this machine can take place such as spinning it up and down, resizing it and even consoling onto it.

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If you’d be interested in having your own demo of our Cloud Control service portal, please request a demo.

Harry Courtney-Buddle
DevOps Systems Analyst



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