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How secure is your data? And are you ready for GDPR?
In May 2018 the UK Government is introducing updated data protection laws for businesses. And the price for not complying will be fines of up to £17 million or 4% of global turnover depending on which is higher. Our ethical hacker Callum Butler outlines how to avoid the impact of cyber-attacks. And how to ensure your business is ready for GDPR.

AI: Science fiction or day-to-day business reality?
Facebook’s chatbot experiment offered a glimpse of the way AI is likely to push boundaries moving forward.  AI is fast becoming a day-to-day business reality and is driving up productivity and insight in health, manufacturing, and many other sectors, argues Mark Skelton, OCSL’s Head of Consultancy.

Choosing a managed service provider: Top 4 success factors
What are the critical success factors for choosing an IT Managed Services Provider? What factors do you need to consider and what types of managed service solutions can help drive success and optimise IT budgets? In this video and transcript, we asked our own Managed Services experts what they believe are the critical success factors for an IT Managed Service Provider.

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The CIO's Journey to Artificial Intelligence - Smarter With Gartner - Mark Skelton, Head of Consultancy, "Whether you take Elon Musk’s view on AI or have a more pragmatic approach, developments in this area drive change for us all."

How IoT can drive a productivity revolution in US Manufacturing. - Jane Ayres, CMO, "Ignore IOT at your peril – we’re working with retailers, logistics organisations and aviation to capitalise this tech and drive change in their businesses. (Join us to hear from Jamie Bartlett at our CIO event on Nov 8th in London and take home a copy of his book  Radicals which explores both the above.) 

Announcing: Kubernetes on DC/OS - Adrian Kingsford, Head of Infrastructure: "A technical deep dive into the future."

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Cloud Control 
The rise of Public Cloud and effective management of it is the #1 question we’ve been hearing in 2017. Find out how to manage multi clouds and on premises IT via our Cloud Control portal.


Overcoming common problems with Azure
Without a proper strategy, organisations can just end up with a Microsoft Azure bill and none of the real benefits. Enterprise Architect Tim Richardson outlines some of the familiar challenges deploying Azure and how you can overcome them.


Driving digital transformation with Hybrid IT
Hybrid IT is transforming the way all our customers consume services. They are looking to move to a more consumption-based model, where they're not owning complex and expensive data centres, and moving to consuming services from the Cloud.  Where are you on your Hybrid journey?


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