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Cloud computing management presents its own fresh set of IT challenges, but if you’re considering migrating workloads to the Cloud, or have you already done so, OCSL’s NEW CloudControl Portal can help you simplify the way you manage Multi-Cloud and on premise services.

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Introducing CloudControl: An Easier Way to Manage Multi-Clouds
+ On Premise

Not only does CloudControl help streamline public, private and hybrid cloud management it, can help streamline on premise management too.  CloudControl helps: deploy apps, databases and servers faster, automate backup, logging & monitoring, streamline & manage rights access plus control costs & meet compliance goals.

Multi-Cloud Management: 6 Checklist Questions

1) Are you developing a private cloud or PaaS using OpenStack, VMware, or Containers (Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant)?

CloudControl Solution:
Provision Bare Metal, VMs on VMware KVM & Hyper-V, all the way to Azure & OpenStack with the click of a button, and also deploy Containers to give you a true Hybrid/Multi-Cloud experience.

2)  Do you currently have or plan to have applications and databases that are running on private, public or hybrid clouds and/or data centres?

 CloudControl Solution:
Supports a wide range of public, private and hybrid cloud providers, so there’s no need to lock in to a single cloud provider or single cloud solution.

3)  Interested in migrating databases and applications between on­ premise servers and a public or private cloud?

 CloudControl Solution:
An intuitive UI, powerful CLI, and full-featured RESTful API help fit into your existing DevOps tooling and give you full control without locking your investment to any single cloud.

4)  Are you writing custom Chef or Puppet scripts for provisioning databases or applications?

 CloudControl Solution:
Significantly reduce the time it takes to develop and write scripts to automate infrastructure.  Typically script-writing tasks that used to take months, can be reduced to just 1 day.

5)  Do you support heterogeneous databases & applications that include NoSQL DBs (MongoDB, Cassandra), SQL DBs (MySQL, Postgres), In­Memory DBs (Redis, MemCached), Java, Ruby, PHP, etc?

CloudControl Solution:
Easily and speedily deploy and manage the latest and greatest technologies and by leveraging efficient container based functionality, it’s possible to seamlessly clone instances, moving them around wherever you want them to run.

6)  Are you considering a cloud management tool, but​  don’t want to rip out existing systems for logging, monitoring, & backup?

CloudControl Solution:
Built on a modular architecture, if you like your existing tools for logging or monitoring or backups, you can simply plug them into the Portal. It comes with Open APIs which easily integrate with all of these solutions. In addition, users can switch off any of the pre­built modules within CloudControl, further maximising ROI.

Here at OCSL we work with our Partners and our customers to identify the technology of today and of tomorrow that will drive the biggest results for their business.

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