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IT global services. Cathy Hoffman, OCSL’s new International Partner Manager gives the inside track on why so many US hardware resellers are simply walking away from global opportunities.  

During my time as an HPE National Business Partner Manager, I worked with many customers who had an international presence.  But typically, I only ever worked on the US based opportunity. This was because of the difficulties of dealing with deployments outside of the US.

The key challenges of deploying IT global services internationally

Firstly, you need agreements with every country you intend to deploy to.  Once the solution or hardware is sold, you then need the professional services to install and support it. 

There’s also local customs, language and time zone differences to contend with. Common issues include customs duties, shipping costs, tariffs and risk of damage associated with shipping outside of the US. Additional cost associated with re-certifying for maintenance is another consideration.

IT global services: the dangers of walking away

For me, the risk is greater than simply losing the direct opportunity.   By tackling international opportunities you gain full control of your account.   If you don’t take on the international deployment challenge, your competitors will.  And you risk compromising both your domestic and international business.

As business becomes ever-more global, it’s critical to stay competitive with the ability to scale up internationally and offer IT global services.

So, what’s the answer?

A partner with established IT global services, gives you the power to expand your business overnight, but without absorbing any of the direct risks.

During my time at HPE, OCSL expertly managed all partner concerns about international deployment.  They handled the professional services such as infrastructure application & project management. They also took a lot of the headache out of hardware procurement and shipping. They fully understood local customs and could manage across multiple time zones.  This was extremely valuable to the US based partners and it allowed them to extend their presence globally, very quickly.

Meet Cathy and the OCSL team at HPE’s Global Partner Summit from the 5-7 June 2017 in Las Vegas.

If you’d like to find out more about our experience or any of our International Partner opportunities, and how can we help with International IT services please get in touch.


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