OCSL has announced the launch of its CloudControl Portal. With a single click, clients can now directly spin up capacity from multiple cloud providers, including OCSL’s private and hybrid clouds. The Portal also greatly streamlines systems management, housing different monitoring and management tools under the same log-in.

Martin Hess, OCSL’s Chairman: “As choice becomes greater, so does the need for simplicity. OCSL CloudControl Portal reduces the complexity of managing contracts and billing across multiple public cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS & Google.”

He continued, “When it comes to Cloud, the ability to stay in control is crucial, and our portal is the ultimate way to achieve this. The level of insight and control makes it possible to fine tune capacity, performance and expenditure.  In the future, it could also be a way to streamline day-to-day tasks with inbuilt orchestration and automation.  For example, providing the appropriate limits and rights are locked down, there’s no reason why a finance team couldn’t spin up their own Sage server.”

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