OCSL announced their brand relaunch today to support its strategy to target UK businesses looking to tackle digital transformation.

The renewed emphasis on brand underlines their ambition to take advantage of the opportunities available to IT partners, like OCSL, who can support IT transformation with robust strategic consultancy and hands-on IT infrastructure skills.

“What OCSL has achieved over the past 25 years has been remarkable. The team has won numerous Partner awards and accolades from the industry in recognition of their deep technical expertise” says Chairman, Martin Hess.

“But the IT world has changed dramatically. And we have to change to meet that challenge. The new brand helps our clients quickly understand where we can add value. In the complex world of IT, making things simple will be key to our ongoing success - whether that’s with our Consultancy, Cloud, Managed Services, On Premise or our Project Service capabilities.” 

He reflected, “With the increasing commoditisation of IT, more and more departments across an organisation are getting involved in IT decision-making.  We’re not exclusively talking to a technical crowd anymore.  We knew we needed a new “voice” that would resonate and “speak” to a Chief Marketing Officer, as much as it would to a CIO.”

The new brand, brings to life the values OCSL’s clients’ set store by.  Central to their past success, has been their ability to challenge, and ask the right questions, to arrive at a better answer.  Based on focus groups with clients, OCSL believes its extreme agility, collaborative approach and relentless energy are the key qualities its clients value most highly. 



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